Who we are

We serve exposed and vulnerable families recovering from long term and reoccurring trauma through trauma informed care and healing centered engagement. Our goal is to cultivate healing, resilience, and self sustainability.


Our mission

Our mission is to cultivate and enhance resilience, healing, and self-sustainability. Pairing healing activity with an entrepreneurship format, we focus on inclusion to opportunity. Anchored by mentorship, we focus on finding ways to minimize ongoing trauma that hinders healing, as well as empower identity restoration that is not based on experience with trauma.

We work towards transforming trauma to triumph, and struggles to strengths, and bulking the skillset to build between the two.

About Trama

Trauma impacts everything from childhood development, how stress and trauma is processed by your mind and body, to how you interact with the world. Trauma-informed care is a structural approach and organization of an institution based on the concept that it isn’t what is wrong with you, it’s what has happened to you.

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