What we do

Our programming is composed of several different components. With an emphasis on mentorship and positive relationships, we combine healing centered engagement and trauma informed care to create opportunities of inclusion and empowerment.

Art of Adulting


Learning how to be a self-sustainable and independent adult is the result of a dynamic toolbox of skills learned through experience and relationships in life. Trauma can impact not only knowledge learned and passed down, but also skills and information. The purpose of this programming is to prepare youth to become mindful and capable adults.

Many times, our families reside in underserved communities and schools with working parents and limited resources. We focus on how to pair knowledge with activity to cultivate wellness. Program elements include cooking, financial empowerment information, an intro to the tax system, resume building, self-advocacy, and more. Educational points include budgeting, nutrition, mentorship activity, and more.

Foundation Building

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Recovering from trauma is hard enough. Our stabilization program is designed to minimize on-going and hurdles to wellness with resources.

Our stabilization program is designed to minimize ongoing hurdles and barries to wellness and healing by providing and networking key resources that our families lack.

Goal Getters

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Our goal getters club is based on a commitment to wellness. The steps towards wellness may differ family to family. Examples include nightly family walks or book readings, trying new meals and diets, committing to a goal for grades and school performance, and more.

The goal is to expand and improve family wellness. Increase exposure to different forms of wellness and goal setting not only improved individual but family health and environment. This program works

This program pairs each family with a goal setting program per their individual needs with positive reinforcement in the form of gift cards.

Mom to Mom Mentoring

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Representation and experiences matter. Feeling understood and having shared struggles paves the way for a mentorship dynamic that is not only full of impact but importance. Young moms in trauma filled dynamics are battling so much individually they don’t always have the capacity to advocate for their family and their own well being, and their wellness falls by the wayside.

This program connects young struggling mothers with mom mentors who have endured and survived cumulative to similar circumstances. The resulting connection creates an environment where our moms feel like they can be heard, can learn more about personal and family wellness, boundary setting, and financial literacy.

Youth Photography


Our photography program allows for a lot of elements of trauma-informed care and healing centered engagements to intersect at once.

Stemming from our teens’ passions for photography, we quickly realized it was a great activity to use as a window into their reality. Culturally, our youth use digital media and visual rhetoric to form and communicate their identities. Our youth learn about the technical aspects and artistry in photography itself, while learning marketing and business skills. They’re learning interpersonal skills, how to delegate and lead , scheduling, time management, how to take orders, and most importantly, how to invest in themselves and their passions. It is a tool kit of entrepreneurship skills while providing emotional regulation activities, and healthy relationship building.

Our youth are currently booking a wide variety of shoots. They are available for event photography- from engagement shoots, to weddings, to concerts- to portrait photography. We offer school portraits, headshots, family portraits and more.

Pop Up Workshops


Our pop-up workshops are done throughout the year, and provide a group setting for all of our different programs to come together.

Focusing around wellness and empowerment, our workshops aim to provide support and education to our families, as well as inclusion and opportunity.

Some workshops we have done include dance lessons, self care and love spa day, smashing stress pop up demolition room, and family portraits.

Youth Mentorship Program

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A huge component to learning about wellness and healthy examples is representation in the form of mentorship. By nature, people learn from the relationship dynamics in their lives. Having the support of an adult who can help support efforts towards wellness is paramount.

Our mentorship program is rooted in inclusion- including our youth in to the wealth of knowledge and passion you possess. It’s about investing time with our youth. Mentorship activities can be as simple as running errands and sharing knowledge about grocery shopping and finding sales, to exploring a passion you have like dancing or biking.

Spending time is a powerful mechanism and aid to healing. It helps remind our youth that they matter.  From grocery store runs to an afternoon movie, the time invested has incredible impact.